Are your students really listening?

Whole Body Listening Posters

A visual reminder for students who forget what it means to really listen!

"Écoutez! Écoutez!"

One action verb that gets used a lot in my French Immersion classroom and I am sure yours as well. But what does it mean to our students? How do we teach our students to really listen and engage with what they are hearing?

Listening involves much more than using our ears. Practicing whole body listening helps learners engage their whole body - eyes, hands, mouth, brain and even feet.

These posters provide great visual cues for my students to learn to actively listen, a skill that is so important for young children learning in a new language.

Using posters to review key concepts and skills is a way to help students remember to practice listening with their whole body. Each day we review the posters and practice listening. When students start to get off track, these posters also help to refocus their attention and allow us to move forward with our learning.

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